How To Make Money From Twitter?

By Ansu Smriti Patel

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform.

Complete your Bio, Upload images, add your website then choose color palette and you are done.

Set Up Your Profile

This is very necessary when you want to get your followers you will also need to follow people.

Follow People

Hashtags are very popular in twitter many of the discussion was popular due to hashtags.


When you retweet any content on twitter that content was also retweet that is beneficial for you.


Decide about the content which was going to tweet.

Join the trending Hashtags which is very beneficial for your content.

Maintain your channel by regular tweeting on trending topics.

Monetize Your channel.

Promote your channel in different social media platform.

Sell Ads And Access On Your Twitter Feed.

Run a Twitter contest.

Sell your own products or service on Twitter.

Affiliate Product Promotion was also a way to earn money.

So through this ways you can make money from Twitter and for more such stories stay connected with us.