Nowadays in the life of student there are many extra expenses such as canteen, college programs, etc for such more things they want there own money to expense.

There Are Many Ways To Tackle The Problem In College Life About Money Are Described Here.

Online Work

You should do online work from home and you will earn money in very easy way. Such as Part-Time job.


Freelance is someone who does work for individual buyers. Such as graphic designer doing a job for someone who is not their employer.

Take Tution

You will take Tution in your free time.It will help you to enhance your knowledge and also help you to make money.

Create Videos

You will create videos on various topics in various platform such as YouTube.


You can earn passive income through this by creating font/images, create or sell graphics, etc.

Digital Marketing

Many things are included in this such as SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Etc. 

Affiliate Marketing

You promote Store A on your social network. When Someone clicks your link & purchase in Store A. The affiliate network records the transaction & you receive a commission.


It is a very big business; this is a very big platform. You will earn here from your skills. People share your content if they like it and it is very beneficial for you.

Sell Online Notes

There are many of the best note selling websites such as Stuvia, OneClass, etc, that have thousands or even millions of students who buy notes from other students.