What Is YouTube Shorts?

It is a short video platform where you can upload a video of 15 seconds.

YouTube Short is not an other application, it is included in the YouTube application.

You will see the short portion in the YouTube application.  

YouTube Short videos are just like a TIKTOK. 

The greatest length of the YouTube shorts is 60 seconds.

YouTube shorts Monetization Policy

The Terms of service, Copyright, Guidelines and Google AdSense program techniques are included in this.

You will make money through this, because the watch time of the shorts are also counted by YouTube in Monetization.

Many people are worked on this Platform and earn through this. Through this, the viewers are also attracted and subscribe to the channel.

Every time you post a Short, it's an opportunity for your content to get a view, and that view could turn into a channel subscriber. And you make money through this.