This app is used in our daily life , but do you know that with this app you will also make money.

How To Grow Your Business With WhatsApp?

Affiliate Marketing

In this when you want to sell item through the affiliate marketing you will get discount on that product when you will share the URL of that product on Whatsapp.

Sell Your Item

Here you can share your products image and description with your friends and family directly and also clear the doubts. By this also you can earn profit. 

Promoting Application

You need to share the outside reference with your WhatsApp contact and make money through this.

Create Whatsapp Group

When you create the group on Whatsapp and more members are joined in that group then you can promote your products and earn profit.  

Refer &  Earn

When you Refer any application to your contacts, you will earn money through this when they download that app.

Utilizing PPD Organizations

PPD sites across the world it gives more profit. If you share photos, videos, etc to your contacts. For each download you will get money. Such PPD Sites are Openload.

Thus, through this you will make money on Whatsapp in such a easy ways.