Now a days everyone knows about YouTube and use this application in day to day life. It is a video sharing application through which you will also earn money.

If you want to be a popular YouTuber then you have to select Niche according to your interest, Knowledge, Demand, Your Experience, Etc.

There are many popular Niches In YouTube in which you will work dedicatedly and earn money through this.


If you want to do Unboxing  and have a knowledge & review interest about that then its also the best niche for you to choose. If you are a shopkeeper than its also get you profit by selling your product because customers are also attracted through this.


Gaming is loved by many people. If you have an interest to do Livestreaming or Uploading the video on Gaming Or while Playing Games. Then It makes you profit and loved by many.


If you love cooking, & explore new dishes then you have to choose this niche through this people loves to join you because everyone loves good & tasty food .


If you love travelling & want to explore the places then it is best for you to do because when people wants to go anywhere then also search that place through this more people connects with you.

Wellness/ Health

Not everyone wants to go Gym, they search on YouTube about the tips about how they became fit and do follow their tips & tricks. Then it is also the good option for you to choose this Niche.

Beauty/ Fashion

Girls love the fashion, beauty videos they also search about the best products, makeup tutorials. If you have a good knowledge about all this then you will became famous in this field.


If you love dancing and want to make a dance tutorial video or teaches dance through this platform then it is the best Niche for you.

Points To Be Noted

Make your content so improved that your users continue to return for new videos. At the point when you post confusing content that isn’t of your niche, you will miss out on your crowd.