Stock vs crypto & commodities

Written by , Shubhakshmi swami

To invest in crypto vs. stocks sound like a crazy debate. crypto better than stocks or are stocks better than crypto? 

Price volatility  

Stock offers protection and a brokerage verified acc.

Crypto offers more anonymity ,but less security.


Crypto had a daily trading volume of about $76 billion.

Stock had a trading volume that was nearly three times that amount.


Scams and security risks 

Crypto evolving at a rapid pace and hobted for scams.

Stocks aren’t immune from scams and security risks either.


Stocks can select from evry sector and every country in the world.

Crypto has few option auch as NFTs to choose than stock.




Stock markets around the world are subject to governmental oversight.

Crypto market subject to the same levels of regulatory oversight.


Cryptocurrencies are limited in their supply, the most famous being Bitcoin.

Shares outstanding is controlled and ultimately backed by the operations of the issuing company.


Difference between stocks and crypto is the blockchain technology that underpins crypto.

Should I invest in crypto or stocks?

Depending on your risk tolerance, crypto to stock portfolio can be a great to add valuable diversification.