Top 10 Ways To Earn From Social Media In 2022

By Ansu Smriti Patel

Social Media is used by many people in their daily life what if you can also earn through these applications?

Affiliate Marketing


In this when you share products link and people start buying that product from your link then you will get commisision.

Sell Your Own Products


Social media is a very wide platform you can sell your own products by advertising on this platform and earn through this.

Creating Your Own Content


By creating videos and sharing your knowledge to others can also makes you to earn .

Refer & Earn


This is wide platform where you can refer any applications, products, ETC and earn through this.

Promote Posts


You will also Promote Posts of others through this you can earn.

Increase Your Viewers


Increase your viewers by uploading good quality content, and using proper & trending hashtags.

Facebook Page


Create your FB Page and share your content with people. Try to join more people on the FB page.

Instagram Reel


Make reels of products, create your content, ETC. Through this, your followers are also increasing.



It is an image-sharing application where you can share your creativity in high quality to earn.

Whatsapp Business


There is an option of catalog which is very useful. Create your groups and share your products, links, ETC.

There is nothing mysterious about making money! Some tips & tricks can help you to earn more & more!