Top 5 Metaverse Games Of 2022 - Earn Through This!

By Ansu Smriti Patel

Metaverse games are based on the play-to-earn concept that allows players to win virtual gaming items and sell them to earn real-world money.


Axie Infinity

It is one of the most popular play to earn games in the Metaverse. It is a battle game, here players own tokens called AXS.



It is a very popular game, here creators can develop virtual worlds inside Roblox.



It is one of the great games of 2022. Here users can own the virtual land in the Metaverse.



It is similar to NFT games, where players can invite other players into their virtual world from scratch. There is no limit of creativity.



It is a battle Royale game. There are many events held in the game which slowly transform into the Metaverse one.

NFTs serve a key concept in the metaverse ecosystem, allowing people to own virtual goods in the form of real-estate, items like cars, boats or even accessories and painting.

There is a wide future of Metaverse. And these games will help you to earn money. All the platform are used by many people and very trustable platform.