Top 8 Apps For Google Play redeem Code - Without Any Investment In 2022

By Ansu Smriti Patel

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The redeem codes can be used to make the subscription. Through the redeem code, users can also buy a book, users can also get discounts. 

Google Opinion Rewards

The app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards.

Swag Bucks

This app allows you to earn points through surveys, playing games, watching videos, and shopping online.


You can earn points through downloading apps, games, giving feedbacks or completing surveys, and watching a number of videos.

GPlay Rewards

Earn points by completing offers, referring friends, daily bonuses, and many more.

Grab Points

By Watching Videos, Taking Surveys, Completing Offers, Downloading Apps you will get the redeem codes.


When you play games then you earn rewards, the more you play then more you earn.


It is simple & easy to use. You will earn rewards by playing games.


Play games and earn rewards. Here you can play games for free.

There are many other apps from where you complete the tasks and get the google play redeem codes.

How To Redeem?

1. Log in to your Google play account. 2. Click on Redeem and then enter the code. 3. Now your credit balance is updated.

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