Which Platform Is Better For Streaming & Earning Facebook Or YouTube?

By Ansu Smriti Patel

Youtube live streaming is a way for you to broadcast live video on your Youtube channel.

Facebook is popular social media that allows its users to stream live videos directly from their profile.

Facebook pays $260 to $350 for every 1 million views and while YouTube, which pays $2,000 for every million views which is high.

1. Easy to use 2. Access to Statistics 3. Free to use 4. It offers monetization 5. YouTube Live Tools

Benefits Of YouTube Live Streaming

1. Easy to use 2. Instant feedback 3. Free to use

Benefits Of Facebook Live Streaming

When comparing YouTube Live vs Facebook Live, YouTube wins out in terms of searchability and live video SEO.

There are several tools that allow video streamers to broadcast videos simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Such as Castr, ETC.

My opinion is where your goal is complete and you get more benefits is better for you. Both platform have there own qualities and people engagement.