Why Elon Musk Bought Twitter & How To Buy Twitter Share In India?

By Ansu Smriti Patel

It is a social networking site where people can post there message called "tweets".

Twitter's Revenue was increasing day by day.

Elon Musk was finally own Twitter and became the largest shareholder of the Twitter. He bought Twitter For 42 Billion dollars.

He wants to become a frequent user of Twitter, previously Twitter banned Donald trump for posting any wrong thing. Elon Musk wants to become an owner that no one can ban him from this platform because he loves to use Twitter.

The Poison Pill method was used against Elon Musk through that they can change their decision. The poison pill means the measure essentially allows shareholders to buy additional shares of a company's stock at a discount, diluting the value of each share. But Elon Musk Refused it.

Many people wants to purchase Twitter share by seeing their profit margin.

Nowdays, latest news was trending that if Twitter get private then also we can buy the shares of Twitter?

Today the share price of Twitter is 48.64 USD .

How To Buy Twitter Share?

1. Create your Demat account on a trusted broking application. 2. Complete your KYC. 3. Then you can eligible to buy Twitter share.

The application through which you can buy the shares of Twitter in India- 1.  Ind Money 2. Grow

Things To Remember While Purchasing Share

1. There are no guarantees of share price it will fluctuate every time. 2. Risk is always there in purchasing any share. 3. While buying any shares, first take a research.

I think investing in Twitter Is good because the profit is increasing day by day and it is a good long term investment and you will get profit in very short term.