Mining Hokked Token With Wild Cash App

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As you know, Wild Cash App is launched by Hooked Protocol Web 3.0. By playing games, participating in quizzes, and inviting friends. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

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Refer Code2BNUe5
KYCNo Need 
WithdrawalBep20 (Binance, Metamask & Trust Wallet)

There are a lot of apps to earn crypto launched by Hooked Protocol. If you want to know more about Wild Cash App then read this article. 

But in this article, we have told about the new update of the Wild Cash App, and in the new update, you can also mining Hooked Protocol Token.

Watch this video for detailed information.

Wild Cash App Hooked Protocol Token Mining

There are so many methods to earn gold tokens. uHGT token is a native to mine from wild cash then you can swap this token from BUSD or Hooked token. You can earn uHGT tokens from quizzes, and referrals, & click the mining option. 

Follow this step to Mining Hokked Token

convert gold to uHGT

  1. Open Wild Cash App
  2. There are so many ways Quizzes & Referrals
  3. A simple way to click the mining option
  4. Tap and mine gold token 
  5. Go to the exchange button and convert gold to uHGT
  6. Convert to uHGT to Hooked token


Wild Cash App Hooked Protocol Token Mining

Follow this step to withdraw the Hooked Token

  1. Click on to Withdraw button
  2. You have the option to choose BUSD or Hook
  3. Choose Hook
  4. Fill the Wallet address BEP-20 (Binance, Metamask & Trust Wallet)
  5. Within a 48hrs your Hooked token is withdrawn (deposited) in your wallet.


Earn More Hooked Token

I already told you there are so many ways to earn a gold token.

  • Staking is also a good opportunity to earn gold tokens. You can earn up to 3.93% APR and you can withdraw your gold token anytime.Staking to gold token
  • You can join also TODOMOON live contest. But will you need a ticket to join this contest & earn directly up to 1000 Hooked tokens at this time? Please follow these rules otherwise you can’t get your money or token.
  • Referral is the most commonly used method to earn a gold token. You can earn an 8% lifetime commission when your referred friends use this app and get instant up to 5000 coins depending on your referral.




You can see as an airdrop this app. Because this app provides you with free cost tokens without any work & charges. You can up to daily $5 if you are a beginner but if you have social media community then you earn up to $5000 in months because at this time 1 hooked token prices are $1.46. You can sell this token on Binance or any other exchange using the P2P method. And follow this price from Coinmarketcap or Coingecko.

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