Withdraw Jumptask Token With Celo Network In MetaMask

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As you all know about the Honeygain app, this app is very interesting for us and helps us to earn money online without any skills use your internet and earn money in the form of JMPT, Bitcoin (crypto), and real cash via PayPal.

The Honeygain app has some updates this month. A new Honeygain payout option add & earn 20% extra in Jumptask Mode. You know about the Jumptask token also right if you don’t know about the Jumptask token please read our previous article and watch our video to know about the Jumptask token.

In this article, we are discussing withdrawing your Jumptask token (JMPT) with Celo Network Blockchain.

withdraw Jumptask Token with Celo Network

How to withdraw Jumptask Token with Celo Network?

Follow this step:

  1. Go to Honeygain App & Login in with your Id
  2. Click on the Jumptask dashboard
  3. Login with Metamask
  4. Click the top right corner to show your Earning In 2.45 Jmpt Token like this
  5. Click to with Celo Network with a low transaction fee

These steps help you withdraw your JMPT token with a low fee. If you also withdraw with the BSC chain but this chain transaction fee is too high according to Celo network

How to add a Celo network in your MetaMask?

Follow these steps otherwise, your token is not shown in MetaMask:

  1. Open your MetaMask account
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow and click Add a new network
  3. Click Custom Network
  4. And fill all the blank boxes with these
  • Celo Mainnnet 
    • Network Name: Celo (Mainnet) 
    • New RPC URL: https://forno.celo.org 
    • Chain ID: 42220
    • Currency Symbol (Optional): CELO 
    • Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://explorer.celo.org

Now you can see all the tokens in your Metamask. You can follow these steps in any decentralized wallet like a Trust wallet, MetaMask& coin base wallet.


  • Low transaction fee
  • Instant withdraw


  • You can’t swap your token
  • Pancake Swap is not able to connect
  • New blockchain 
  • Use ETH Chain to swap this token



See if you mine this Jumptask token with the help of Honegain & withdraw your token with the Celo network then you hold this token as a long-term investment. But if you want instant money or need cash so you go with the BSC chain. Because the BSC chain is given to opportunity to swap this token with Pancake Swap & MetaMask. And with your crypto USDT or BUSD transfer your Binance & other exchange to sell these currencies.



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