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Buy me a coffee – Write Articles And Earn Money

Buy Me a Coffee is an easy way to help a creator through tips or donations. It tends to be utilized when you write articles and earn money in a variety of ways, like on websites as a button or linkages in YouTube video portrayals/descriptions.

So in this buy me a coffee review, it’s no big surprise why individuals consider the idea of starting a side gig complicated. Take the complication of getting compensated/paid for your work. You will undoubtedly come by befuddling vocabulary and a mixture of apps and integrations.

earn from Buy me a Coffee REVIEW

What Is “Buy me a coffee” Actually?

Buy Me a Coffee gives the audience a way to help a creator using donations or tips. On the off chance that someone partakes in the content you create, they can buy you a coffee at a set dollar amount you decide.

Developing and monetizing your audience is a full-time business and actually finding success is easier to write articles and earn money. There’s much of the time a long series of details to investigate.

Many creators make a living from their supporters. And assuming you partake in someone’s work, nothing bad can be said about showing it as a $3 donation.

Working Methods of Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is interesting to make money writing articlesfor video creators, journalists, musicians, podcasters, artists, designers, and philanthropies.

Creators can also set up month-to-month subscription plans, membership rewards, or sell extras from their BMC page.


1- Building Your Page

On your profile page, you basically have:

  • Your name and a linkage to your primary website.
  • An image or video to show visitors.
  • Any established goals you could have for what you’ll do with the cash.
  • Your story to engage visitors.
  • An updated area where you can comment with others and share impending news and occasions.
  • Clearly, the more sorted through the profile is, the better are your chances of getting support from visitors. Be that as it may, you’re just allowed a certain amount of space for images and text. In this way, be as compact in your requirements as conceivable. So that you can earn from Buy me a Coffee.

2- Putting forth Goals and Donation Amounts

Buy Me a Coffee allows you to put forth goals for donations. For example, let’s suppose we presently have a goal to buy a superior camera for YouTube recordings. We would like greater adaptability and quality with what we create for observers.

3- Quick and Immediate Deposits for Stripe

Cash shipped off your account should go through Stripe, for which Stripe charges an additional $0.02 per subscription expense.

Buy Me a Coffee pulls 5% of anything you make and then Stripe tacks on its expenses.

However, you don’t languish this $0.02 charge over one-time supporters.

4- Upload an Image Gallery

Buy Me a Coffee has the feature of the image gallery. uploading and sharing photographs are done from the “Posts” part of your account.

5- Podcasting

Get Me Coffee permits you to implant various kinds of media, including sound records, straightforwardly into your post manager so you can without much of a stretch offer them to your allies, individuals, or your overall crowd.

On the off chance that you are a performer, podcaster, or sound craftsman, this is an extraordinary way for you to share your melodies, webcasts, sound audits, and so on with your crowd. 

Sharing brief snippets utilizing Soundcloud, anchor Podcasts, and Spotify Players

Effectively install content from different administrations, including SoundCloud, anchor Podcasts, and Spotify Players, straightforwardly into your Post.

To implant sound bites, transfer your documents to one of these stages and get the brief snippet extraordinary URL and glue it into your post proofreader.


How can one Use Buy Me a Coffee?

It’s Setup 

  1. First, pick how you might want to create your account. It is feasible to join Buy Me a Coffee with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. And assuming you’d instead utilize an email address and your name, you can do that as well.
  2. Pick your page URL. This is a suffix added to the furthest limit of the Buy Me a Coffee URL (BuyMeaCoffee.com/myname), and when created, it’s what individuals will visit to appreciate the content and show appreciation for your work.
  3. The third step is to pick how you might want to be paid and connect your platform of decision. While not officially a stage, once your payment platform is connected, you’ll have to set up your profile page. This incorporates a complete name, what you’re creating, a featured image or video, and a bio.

And that’s as perplexing as it gets to make money writing articles.

Choosing your payment option is usually simply a question of marking into your payment supplier’s platform and connecting it with your Buy Me a Coffee account. So that you can earn from Buy me a Coffee.

It’s use

You can involve in the framework to write an article earn money in a variety of ways. In reality, everything relies upon your platform and marketing campaign for donations. And indeed, even donation buttons and connections can profit serious areas of strength from campaigns.

In fact, we are going through the course of adjusting my membership rewards for month-to-month endorsers.

  • WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin is probably one of the speediest ways to add both the donation button and gadget to your blog. After adding your profile username to the plugin, you can add the button as a sidebar gadget.

  • As a Link

A common choice is the Buy Me a Coffee connect. This is a connection to your profile page where you can accept donations. This is a branded URL displaying your name to assist with moving certainty and trust.

For instance, the connection for my account is https://www.buymeacoffee.com/writersanctuary. Notice the page augmentation is for WriterSanctuary. It also works how it’s displayed in the image above utilizing: https://buymeacoff.ee/writersanctuary.

It simply redirects back to the main URL.

You can involve joins in a variety of ways, which makes them one of the most proficient methods for sharing. You can involve them in:

  • Emails and bulletins for your website.

Social media updates, for example, Facebook and Twitter posts. Joins on your blog as I did a moment ago.Interface for banners and images you create on a website. You can distribute the donation interface as you would any other.

  • Utilizing Buy Me a Coffee’s Link on YouTube Videos

Personally, we’ve involved the connections in my YouTube recordings in the depiction area, which is where my most memorable donation originated. And as of late, one can get three “coffees” during a live stream from a viewer.

The links are great because then you can utilize them on free blogging destinations like WordPress.com or Blogger or essentially share them on social media. This gives you a way to adapt free platforms you could use as a creator.

  • On-Site Buttons

The framework comes with a way to create a button for your website. You can pick specific tones, and the text and even alter the font. However, the square of HTML that comes with this option is very large.

In any case, it’s an easy way to add a donation button, especially in the event that you don’t have experience creating your own. You will go thoroughly and learn from this buy me a coffee review.

Because it is a link, you can also basically create your own graphic and utilize a href coding. 

In the event that you don’t have Photoshop or different graphics programs, Canva is an awesome free apparatus that conveys a ton of adaptability for specific images.

  • Offering Supporter Rewards

One aspect of Buy Me a Coffee is having the option to offer membership rewards to supporters. I’ve seen individuals on the framework offer a collection of sketch drawings, books, and other digital items.

At the end of the day, you can offer supporters select content.

  • Conveying Extras to Supporters

One of the more up-to-date aspects of Buy Me a Coffee is the Extras you can give. You can sell eBooks, commissioned art, select video content, or create your own from scratch.

In fact, you can set up your own ZOOM occasion and offer passes to supporters straightforwardly from BMC. Going over the templates that are available, we’ve even come up with a couple of ideas of my own.

At any rate, the Extras in Buy Me a Coffee are available to assist you with generating significantly more income. Offering something seriously engaging has the potential to drive income.

  • Get Donations from Your Blog or Videos

There are ways to monetize a blog or a YouTube channel. Among them, we’d say that Buy Me a Coffee has great potential. Up until this point, I’ve seen a positive impact and like how easy the site is to manage.

The greatest issue you’ll have is how you share your donation and connect with the world. However, thinking of membership rewards is another errand of its own.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to join and utilize.
  • Bonuses allow people to offer followers more value.
  • Can create monthly and annual memberships and fabricate a lucrativePostsecond job.
  • Get compensated with charge cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local payment methods like UPI in India.
  • Free and Buy Me A Coffee only take 5% of your earnings when you’re paid.
  • You’ll have to channel supporters from different platforms to get compensated on Buy Me a Coffee.

write an article earn money

Payout In Buy Me A Coffee

To link Stripe to your Buy Me a Coffee page, do these below-mentioned things.

Stripe offers instant payouts to your financial balance, adding Stripe will likewise empower greater installment strategies for your allies, including Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Connecting your Stripe account.

You can associate Stripe to your Buy Me a Coffee page straightforwardly from your sign-up stream.

  1. From the payment choice modular select the Stripe icon and tap on the link.
  2. Another tab or window will open where you can either pursue Stripe in the event that you don’t have a record as of now, or you can Sign in utilizing your Stripe email.
  3. When you effectively sign in/join your Stripe account, you will be diverted to your Buy Me a Coffee page and your record will find your record associated.

PayPal is not generally upheld on Buy Me a Coffee. Here are the means to resubscribe utilizing another payment technique (which requires around 2 minutes).

  • Go to My Account – > Payments to see all your dynamic enrollments.
  • Click on the Active participation button.
  • In the event that you don’t see the “Active membership” button, click on the “Resubscribe” button right next to the maker name, It’ll take you to the maker page where you can turn into a part once more.
  • Enter your payment subtleties to enact your participation.
  • In the event that you’re on the Standard Payout choice, Payoneer permits you to get compensated straightforwardly to your financial balance. They offer withdrawals to offer 150 nations.

make money writing articles

Linking Payoneer on your page

You can interface with your Payoneer account while setting up your page. Makers who are new to Payoneer can without much of a stretch sign up and interface your record right from your Buy Me a Coffee account. Here are the means to follow for that:

  1. From your installment association modular, select the “Standard payout by means of Payoneer”, choice, and snap interface.
  2. A Payoneer association modular will spring up, select your favored withdrawal technique, and snap-on “Join”.

Note: If you are a Payoneer client, basically click the login interface at the highest point of the modular to get your record associated immediately.

  1. Top in the necessary subtleties and set off your record.
  2. Whenever you have completed your record arrangement, you will be diverted back to your payout page, here you will actually want to see all your Payoneer payment-related details like your gathered sum, payout history, and furthermore a choice to pull out your balance sum.


Note: in the event that you need to separate Payoneer, you can tap the settings symbol close to the Payoneer to track down the choice for this.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Is Buy Me a Coffee Safe?

Up to this point, I’ve gathered many donations from supporters. We haven’t encountered any negative impacts or gotten any sort of spam through Buy Me a Coffee. It’s a protected website while utilizing Stripe’s own tied-down portal to donate reserves.

This means it’s controlled by Stripe’s own security frameworks.

As Stripe is a generally confided-in website for a myriad of online shops, stores, and organizations, its platform is promoted as safe and secure.

  • Does Buy Me a Coffee Actually Work?

Although we don’t offer the Buy Me a Coffee page all that frequently, one can actually generate several hundred dollars up to this point, and we are presently building up monthly endorsers. Between the blog and YouTube channel, our audience is different.

We have most likely that assuming we accomplished other things to advance ourselves, we’d make far more in help.

In any case, it’s money that we didn’t have previously and is immediately deposited to our bank from Stripe at regular intervals. There’s a considerable amount of potential to generate a great deal of income in the event that you can offer some amazing impetuses while engaging with your supporters.

  • Can You Use Buy Me a Coffee on Sites Like Blogger?

Utilizing the code bit from Buy Me a Coffee, you can add the donation connect easily into Blogger and other free websites. However, you’ll have to remember the terms of administration for those sites.

Some platforms, for example, WordPress.com, will actually strip away iFrame coding when you attempt to save the button.

Since there are a couple of methods to add a BMC button to your site, there are some ways to get around coded gadgets. For instance, you can make your own little graphic button and basically add your BMC profile interface.

In fact, we’ve demonstrated how to utilize a straightforward graphic from Photoshop to create a donation button with the expectation of complimentary websites, including WordPress.com.

Simply remember that not all free platforms will allow money-making frameworks in this fashion. Take a fast glance over the TOS and make sure you’re not accomplishing something that can get you banned.

Because you don’t want to invest all that energy in building up a free website only for the host to start you off.

  • What’s the Cost?

Buy Me a Coffee is allowed to utilize, however, there is a transaction expense charged for all payments. And it makes sense, otherwise, this assistance would be hard to maintain. You’ll be charged a 5% transaction expense and get to keep 95% of all earnings. The platform also only makes money only when you do.

  • How different is Buy Me a Coffee? 

Really unique. For starters, you can be paid by anyone, and individuals don’t have to be members or supporters to show appreciation for your work. 

How to make money with Buy Me a Coffee

Getting compensated can happen in various ways.

  • The platform accepts charge cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local payment methods like UPI in India. 
  • Fans don’t have to be members to have the option to pay you. While this may seem as though you’re messing yourself up, it’s a smart way to attract an audience. 
  • In the event that partaking in your content requires a subscription immediately, a great many people may not be leaned to carry it out off the bat. 
  • The option to appreciate and buy you a coffee in the event that satisfied makes for a lower obstacle to monetization.



This carries us to how to share your creative content with the world. The cost of a coffee starts at $1 and goes up to $5. Assuming you might want to activate membership plans (a smart idea), they assist you with generating a monthly and annual subscription-based income from members.

Buy Me a Coffee has also roped in a gamification element. You can put forth earnings goals so that your page and display them for supporters might be able to see – a virtuoso way to get individuals to rally around your brand. In this way, you can write articles and earn money.


Buy Me a Coffee is a smart, basic, and easy-to-utilize platform. In the event that you’re a creator hoping to share your talents with the world and get compensated, it eliminates the exhausting tech stuff from the equation and helps you make ready fast. 

You also have the potential to transform your second job into a six-figure business, and not have to stress over any of the backend details of running your realm. So that you can earn from Buy me a Coffee.

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